COMPUTER LAB is having 43 desktop computers with 24 hours broad band internet facility where the student of Class VI to XII are learning computers for their academic purpose.

¨Computer education program  is very imperative to impart computer skills to all students to familiarize them with a range of computer applications and information processing and to encourage teachers to use technology in a creative way.

¨Now-a-day, Information and communication technology is an important catalyst for social transformation and national progress. Therefore knowledge of computer technology is essential to achieve the utmost progress.

The computer education program is to be consecuted in our school with the following objectives:

¨To establish an environment to promote the uses of ICT in Secondary and Higher Secondary schools in rural areas.
Ø To enable the maximum opportunity to the widespread use of devices, Internet and hence promote the ICT literacy.
Ø To provide an effective learning environment for children with special need through ICT tools.